I believe in an active, hands-on Judaism, open to many voices, creative, yet rooted in tradition, positive, inclusive, engaged in nature, and lifting the holy sparks within everything.

Kosherdawg: Jewish Newgrass Jamboree

Let the music lift you up, bring you deeper, and help you release.

Rabbi Micah Becker-Klein


Engaging, Energetic, & Innovative Rabbi. Welcoming, Warm, Musical, & Inspirational Teacher.

New Jewish Bluegrass Music available for

Kosherdawg: Jewish Newgrass Jamboree Album cover

Let the music lift you up, bring you deeper, and let you release.

I am so psyched to get out this new CD! It’s been in the works for a number of years bringing together my love of American music, especially bluegrass and Americana together with Jewish liturgy.

My deepest thanks to each and every person who helped make the project possible. There are the many talented and awesome musicians who helped, many dear friends who lent their time (and ears) and love for the music to the project, and my family who both gave me the time and gave of their time to help see this CD project get recorded.